Sample Message
to the WAC Council

Feel like expressing yourself to the WAC Council Directors but not sure where to start? 

Here's a sample message you can start with.  Feel free to use this as a jumping-off point and customize it to your specific feelings. It's best that they hear from you instead of receiving the same copy-and-paste message word for word, but mostly it's important that they know you demand accountability!)

Dear {Specific Board Member}, 

I am writing to you as a patron of the Walton Arts Center and member of the {LBTQIA+, Ally, or However You Identify} community.

I am deeply troubled by the recent rift between the Walton Arts Center and the LGBTQIA+ community, and even more so that it has arisen from fear of tradition drag as a form of performance art and cultural expression.

I am asking you to make it right.  Here's how: 

Thank you for your time and swift action to correct this egregious failure and damage to the Northwest Arkansas community. 


{your name and city}